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Why Invest With Us ?

Australian Managed Funds provides our investors with alternative investment funds. Choose from our Fixed Income Fund or our Equity Fund.
(View our historical performance results).

We provide investors with a secure and stable income with our Fixed Income funds by investing in A-Rated or better, insured or guaranteed instruments including a range of banking and corporate credits. Our Equity Funds focus on seven key strategies which include; Equity Growth, Equity Momentum, High Yield, Global Macro listed equities, commodities, currencies and fixed interest rates.

With combined Portfolio Management services spanning over 45 years, our portfolio managers have managed over 32 billion dollars of Equity across different investment classes for Investment Banks including UBS Asset Management, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), Macquarie Bank, Citigroup and Bankers trust in products such as Global Equities, Derivatives, Corporate, Government Bonds and fixed income strategists.

The Fixed Income Fund provides our investors with a secure and structured investment opportunity, focusing on capital preservation and regular income by investing in A-Rated or better, insured or guaranteed instruments including a range of banking and corporate credits. Our historical Equity Funds results are proudly displayed on the equity funds page.

What We Offer for You

Australian Managed Funds offers our clients a diverse range of managed funds to help them achieve their immediate financial goals.

All of our members receive one-on-one backup support from our financial advisory team and we invite all new members to have a free consultation with one of our advisors so we can compare our returns vs your current cash interest rates or managed funds returns.

So if you are tired of receiving barely any interest from your bank and would like to see your funds work harder for you, then please register yourself and talk to one of our advisors for a free investment comparison.

Fixed Income Funds
Invest your investments in an easy-to-access Fixed Income Fund (Cash Fund). Receive comfort & knowledge of what your investment return will be each year.
Equity Fund
Invest in an Equity Fund that invests in Australian & International equities (Shares). View the previous Trading History, Trading Strategy and Fund Managers Profile.
Wholesale Investments
If you meet the Wholesale Investor requirements (sophisticated Investor) you will receive additional first round capital raising investment opportunities.
Don’t miss an IPO opportunity. Register with us and you will receive exclusive access to IPOs and first round capital raising opportunities.
Institutional Investors
Providing Institutional offerings and Placements for Financial Advisors, Accountants, Planners and Institutional Partners.
1st Mortgage Opportunities
Recieve access to comercial first mortgage opportunities and bridging finance options. These pay high fixed income with asset protection.
We Deliver Enduring Results

The Australian Managed Funds team is made up of a combination of different companies all of which have their own Australian Financial Services licenses.

With our combined team of advisors and our associated firms, we have extensive knowledge, qualifications, and experience when it comes to Australian and Global managed Investments.​

Our advisors all have extensive hands-on experiences in Advisory Services, International trading, IPO Placements, Capital Raising, General Advice, and Managed Investments.​

Head Office: Level 27, 25 Bligh Street Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.

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