Fixed Income Funds

Interest Paid Monthly

INVESTMENT: Minimum Investment: $50,000

INVESTMENT PRODUCTS: Government & Corporate Bonds

FUND MANAGER: Dr. Christian Baylis Ph.D

INTEREST CALCULATED: 5% p.a, Interest Paid Monthly

Asia-Pacific Fixed Income Fund Manager for H1 2021

We are pleased to announce that on the 13th September 2021 Preqin, the leading provider of analytical data to alternative asset professionals,  named our Fixed Income Fund Manager, Dr Christian Baylis as having the top performing Fixed Income Strategy and number two overall within the Asia-Pacific Credit Hedge Fund category in its H1 2021 Honour Roll.

About Preqin: Preqin is the foremost provider of data, analysis, and insights to the alternatives industry. The company has pioneered rigorous methods of collecting private data for almost 20 years so that 110,000+ global professionals are streamlining how they raise capital, source deals and investments, understand performance, and stay informed.

 Methodology: Preqin analysed 1,058 (active) hedge fund managers and 2,388 (active) hedge funds based in the Asia-Pacific. To determine the best performing funds, Preqin only included hedge funds, funds of hedge funds, and CTAs (commingled and listed) with complete, unbroken net monthly returns and assets under management over the first six months of 2021.

Fixed Income Fund

Gleneagle Investment Trust ARSN 605 489 094 with a class known as the “Fixed Income Fund” provides investors with a secure and structured investment opportunity, focusing on capital preservation and regular income. The Fund gives investors access to institutional grade investments not available to the retail market, using specialised techniques generally only available to institutional grade fixed income managers.

Key Points
INVESTMENT OBJECTIVEThe Fund’s objective is to deliver to investors a consistent distribution of income of 5% p.a. paid monthly after fees and expenses. Monthly returns can be reinvested.
INVESTMENT EXPOSUREThe Fund is comprised mainly of Commonwealth Government Bonds, Semi-Government Bonds, investment grade corporate bonds at an institutional level rated BBB- or better, asset backed securities, inflation derivatives, interest rate derivatives, bank bills and Negotiable Certificates of Deposit (NCDs) issued by larger Australian banks.
SECURITYThere has never been a default in these type of bonds in Australia. The portfolio is spread around 250 different exposures to minimise any risk.
LOCATION OF ASSETSThe fund will typically have geographical exposures in the Asia Pacific (predominantly Australia) 85-100%, North America 0-7.5% and UK/EMEA 0-7.5%.
MINIMUM INVESTMENT$50,000 (no maximum)
LIQUIDITYWithdrawals are processed at the end of each month with funds available by the 10th business day of the following month.
FEES & COSTSManagement Fee and costs: 2.2% p.a. (0.183% per month).
Transaction costs 0.15% p.a. (.0125% per month).
If the Return is not sufficient to allow for the payment of all fees and costs, the fees will be waived or reduced.
FEE EXPLANATIONThe Intended Return of the Fund to the investor is 5% p.a which means that the Fund will pay a distribution of 0.4166 % each month (5.0% divided by 12). The fees and costs are deducted out of the excess returns above the Intended Return. If the fund does not earn at least 2.35% p.a. above the intended 5% p.a. return, then all fees and costs will be waived or reduced such that the investor continues to receive the intended return each month.
If the Fund earns more than the Intended Return plus fees, the excess amount will be held in reserve so that the fund can continue to pay the intended 5% p.a. return even if the fund earns less than the Intended Return.
RESPONSIBLE ENTITYGleneagle Asset Management Ltd AFSL 226199
The R.E. is part of Gleneagle. Founded in 2010 in Sydney and collectively known as Gleneagle, the group is a privately owned multi- disciplinary financial services house catering to the investing and trading needs of institutional, corporate, high net-worth and retail clientele. Operating under three distinct AFSL’s the Gleneagle group comprises Gleneagle Asset Management AFSL 221699, Gleneagle Securities AFSL 337985 and Global Prime AFSL 385620.
Responsible Entity
Investment Managers

The Responsible Entity has appointed two investment managers. Each has a different role.

Liquidity Manager is the investment manager who provides the investment strategy and organisational capacity and expertise for managing that and the substantial part of the investments of the Fund.

Fortlake Asset Management Pty Ltd, an Australian incorporated company, is Liquidity Manager.

Threshold Manager is the investment manager who aims to obtain the Intended Return for the Fund.  This role includes providing a credit facility to advance payments (in its sole discretion) to the Responsible Entity to assist in satisfying withdrawals if necessary.

Gleneagle Securities (Aust) Pty Ltd, an Australian incorporated company related to the Responsible Entity, is Threshold Manager.

Liquidity Manager
Fortlake Asset Management Pty Ltd

Fortlake Asset Management is an experienced fixed income manager offering institutional capabilities with a focus on generating returns above inflation. They take a holistic view to fixed income investment by incorporating a variety of specialised techniques and strategies to deliver diversified returns.

There are several key investment personnel who have day to day responsibility for the running of the portfolio.

The key persons, including their relevant qualifications and commercial experience, are:

Dr Christian Baylis

Christian is a highly regarded Australian-based manager with broad experience across global fixed income and derivatives strategies, having worked previously at UBS Asset Management and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

Christian managed in excess of $8 billion AUM and was the lead Portfolio Manager in the UBS Australian Fixed Income team for the UBS Cash Plus Trust, the Insurance and ALM book of business and ran a complex suite of overlay strategies for large cross-border liability clients. Christian was also a member of the Global Multi Strategy Committee and was appointed as the Australian representative for the Global Dynamic Trust, the core global unconstrained Fixed Income offering for UBS Asset Management.

Christian was the Head of Derivative Strategy, Inflation Linked Assets and Credit Trading across the Australian Fixed Income business, managing in excess of $26 billion. This role incorporated oversight of Sector Strategy – incorporating Semi-government and Sovereign Supra National Agencies (SSAs) and the development of the associated environmental, social or ethical considerations framework for these assets.

As a member of the Global Multi Strategy Committee Christian was actively involved in the macro analysis and research of fixed income markets for the global Fixed Income business.

Christian joined UBS Asset Management in March 2011. Whilst managing the UBS Cash-Plus Trust from March 2011 to May 2020, Christian obtained the only ‘Highly Recommended’ rating from Zenith for consecutive years 2017 – 2020 for the Short-Term Credit category.

Prior to this, he was a Senior Analyst at the RBA, managing the Bank’s investment portfolio, liquidity and liability profile. Prior to his role at the RBA, Christian worked for Standard and Poor’s, as a Rating Specialist conducting rating assessments and research.

Christian has a PhD in Econometrics from Monash University and was a recipient of the distinguished Exceed First Class Honours award, receiving a perfect GPA. Christian won the Australian Postgraduate Scholar Award at both University of New South Wales (UNSW) and the University of Sydney (USYD) for his work in the Econometrics field and was a visiting scholar at Monash University in the Econometrics faculty. Christian was also the recipient of the prestigious Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship where his work focused on alternative methods of inflation modelling, probability density functions and option implied Distributions.

Investment Team
Dr Kylie-Anne Richards

Kylie-Anne joined UTS in January 2019 after completing her PhD (Mathematics) on Limit Order Book Dynamics at the University of NSW. She was awarded the QRSLab Boronia Managed funds PhD Scholarship in 2011. Kylie-Anne also holds a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of Hong Kong. Her research and teaching interests are in financial markets, sustainable finance, green finance, ESG, high frequency finance, market microstructure, statistics and econometrics. Kylie-Anne has had extensive industry experience both domestically and overseas. She began her career as a Quantitative Analyst at Investment Technology Group. Kylie-Anne was Head of Financial Engineering for Asia Pacific at Macquarie Group in Hong Kong and subsequently, Head of Indexation and Quantitative Trading Research at CLSA in Sydney. Most recently she held the position of Director, Portfolio Manager at QTR Capital, a proprietary trading business.

Investment Team
Dr Nalin Prasad

Dr Prasad previously worked at the RBA as an Analyst across the Bank’s investment portfolio where he conducted research on behalf of the investment committee. He was most recently a visiting Fellow at the USYD Business School where his research focus specialised on volatility spillovers and the impact of macroeconomic news in financial markets.

Dr Prasad is CFA Charter Holder, a Certified FRM Holder and a CPA. He completed his Bachelor Degree in Business (Accounting) from University of Western Sydney (UWS) with First Class Honours, was awarded the University Medal and was a recipient of the Australian Postgraduate Award (USYD). He also holds a Master of Engineering Studies degree where he majored in Software and Information Systems engineering and a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering.

Dr Prasad will spend approximately 90% of the time executing the investment strategy.

Investment Team
Dr Hoang Lan Do

Dr Do was most recently an academic scholar at UNSW where her research and lecturing specialisation was on the topic of Capital Structures in Corporate Finance. Her lecturing career extended across Banking Capital, Financial Markets and Financial Econometrics. Prior to this, Dr Do was the Financials Analyst at Vietnamese Investment Group (VIG) and has also been founding partner in variety of Fintech start up opportunities. Dr Do was awarded the University Medal at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) for her work in the field of Finance and was awarded the KPMG scholarship award for all round academic excellence.

Risk & Actuarial - Investment Team
Dr Hang Nguyen

Hang was most recently an Actuarial Executive for Bao Viet Life Insurance (BVL), one of the largest life insurers in the Asia Pacific region. BVL is co-owned by HSBC and State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) and will soon incorporate Sumitomo Life. Hang was also a machine learning engineer and a Mathematician for a large slot gaming corporation. Prior to this Hang was a Data Scientist for Verizon Corporation.

Hang is a Capital Markets CRC PhD scholar at UNSW and visiting scholar at the Rozetta Institute where her work was focused on market microstructure and machine learning on annuity products. Hang has recently worked at the school of Risk and Actuarial Science at UNSW and is considered a leading authority in the Mathematics field based on peer review. Hang holds a Masters in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from Stony Brook University, New York and has a B.A. in Mathematics and Economics.

Threshold Manager
Gleneagle Securities (Aust) Pty Ltd

40+ Projects Funded; $1Bn Capital Raised.

As an early adopter, Gleneagle is driven to remain at the forefront of financial services evolution. Recognising that we operate in an ever-changing space with continuously evolving reforms and regulatory requirements, our strategy is to deliver better, faster and more efficient products and services to all of our many stakeholders.

In the final analysis however, we exist for one reason above all others: to facilitate the delivery of investment and trading returns to our many and varied clients within a framework of prudent risk management protocols.

Questions & Answers with Dr Christian Baylis Ph.D

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Dr. Christian Baylis Ph.D.
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Benefits of the Fund

The Fund’s key benefits include the following:

  • An investment strategy mainly targeting fixed income financial products which are not ordinally available for direct investment by retail investors.
  • The investment strategy targets consistent annual returns over the longer term.
  • The Manager is highly specialised, with deep knowledge and experience in fixed income investments.
  • Investors have access to the Manager’s investment methodology which is designed to produce returns and protect investors against inflation risk.
  • Investors have access to a highly diversified portfolio of investment grade fixed income investments over the relatively longer term.
    Gleneagle Asset Management Ltd. ACN 103 162 278  AFSL 226199  Level 27, 25 Bligh St Sydney NSW 2000
    Gleneagle Securities (Aust) Pty Ltd. ACN 136 930 526 AFSL 337985 Level 27, 25 Bligh St Sydney NSW 2000
    Fortlake Asset Management Pty Ltd.  ACN 643 640 939 CAR 1283388 AFSL 226199 Level 5, 66 Clarence St Sydney NSW 2000
    J.P Morgan Securities LLC.  ABN  37 109 293 610 277 Park Avenue New York NY 10172
    Apex Fund Services (Australia) Pty Ltd. ACN 149 408 702  Level 13, 459 Little Collins St Melbourne VIC 3000
    LNP Audit and Assurance Pty Ltd. ACN 155 188 837  Level 14, 309 Kent St Sydney NSW 2000
Corporate Overview

Gleneagle is a Private Investment Bank, providing individual investors access to institutional level insights and opportunities.

Founded in Sydney Australia, Gleneagle is an Australian registered financial service provider and a leader in the evolution of financial markets.

With roots in Corporate Advisory, the company has expanded to include institutional dealing, foreign exchange and funds management. This allows Gleneagle to serve the diverse needs of all market participants, including; institutions, registered investment firms and funds, as well as individual investors.

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