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Australian Managed Funds Market Update July

Market Update – July ’22

Economy – Engineered Serendipity As widely expected, the RBA lifted the cash rate 50bps to 1.85 per cent at the August meeting. Going forward, our

Fixed Income Managed Fund Insights

Market Update – June ’22

Economy – The Communication We Had to Have Markets and the economy are now at highly disconnected levels. Economic data appears set to keel over

Sophisticated Investing in Australia

Market Update – May ’22

Economy – The Cleanest Dirty Shirt Central bankers  are now faced with a policy choice of the cleanest dirty shirt, having put themselves   well behind

Market Update – April ’22

Economy – Last drinks in the mother of all happy hours Fiscal and monetary largesse, whilst necessary, was always a decision between the then and

Market Update – March ’22

Markets – Russian Roulette Bonds over the month extended the losses of prior months, one of the worst starts to the year on record. The

Market Update – February ’22

Markets February began with calls for the Federal Reserve to move aggressively to curb inflation risk. Market pricing at the beginning of the month was