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The fund uses a unique combination of technical, fundamental, and qualitative analysis to identify market and industry thematics.

The Gleneagle Investment Trust ARSN 605 489 094 with the Class known as the “Equity Fund” adopts five key strategies; Equity Growth, Equity Momentum, High Yield, Global Macro and Long/Short.

Momentum Edge
The fund aims to profit from shorter term market momentum reducing the exposure within long-term non-performing assets

Due to the ability of short selling, the fund aims to produce net positive returns irrespective of market direction and volatility.


The fund manager’s experience across multiple asset classes means access to a range of alternative opportunities that maximise profit potential.

Momentum and Fundamental Trading (MAFT) Strategy

Step 1: Conduct top-down analysis of markets

  • Identify current technical trends across global benchmarks
  • Find possible reversal points
  • High level analysis of global macroeconomic data, global
    industry shifts, major monetary policies and geopolitical

Step 2: Analyse market specific trends

  • Identification of technical trends in industry benchmarks,
    country specific benchmarks, currencies, commodities and
  • Identification of turning points in the above
  • Analysis of industry specific drivers behind the trends that
    are identified e.g. commodity supply and demand

Step 3: Plan the trade and continually monitor its development

  • Upon identifying an industry trend, products are placed on a
    watchlist which meet the proprietary technical criteria.
  • Fundamental analysis is then conducted to validate the
    existence of a plausible shift in “value”.
  • Finally, event risks are monitored for the specific products

These basic steps include a number of inputs that are constantly analysed to improve market selection, timing, and risk management.

Key Points
Entry / Exit Fees
Not applicable
Minimum Investment
Management Fee
The Management fee for the Class is 1.1% per annum of the NAV for the Class (inclusive of GST), calculated at the end of each Month (at an equivalent Monthly rate of 0.0916%).
Performance Fee
The Performance fee is 22% (inclusive of GST) of the net increase in the assessed Unit’s NAV of the Class for a given Month, calculated in respect of each series of Units issued for that Class, subject to the Unit’s Net Asset Value surpassing the highest previously achieved (high water mark) Net Asset Value for that Unit.
Fund Withdrawals
All fund withdrawals will be processed on the 15th of each calendar month. To apply for your funds prompt returns, make sure you have requested the returns of your funds to your nominated account by the 25th of the previous month.


The Equity Manager actively manages investments in listed equities, commodities, currencies and fixed interest.

Geographic Spread

The geographical spread and focus is typically Australia (60%), USA (35%) and Europe (5%).


The Equity Manager flexibility allows for its asset class and geographical mix to be tailored to those markets which are viewed to provide the optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Monthly Performance

  • Statistics are calculated on historical trading results for the Equity Fund.  
  • This performance was achieved through a continuous long-term understanding of the market dynamics and flexibility, maintaining exposure only in those investments that continue to perform.
  • The application of multiple strategies gives the Equity Manager the advantage of being flexible to deploy funds to those asset classes, sectors, and companies that are being re-rated, in line with the portfolio manager’s outlook and expectations.


Each month, investors are issued a report from the Equity Fund Manager. Click below to view historical reports.

Investment Documentation

Please read and consider the following documents before deciding whether this investment product is right for you.

Supplementary PDS

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Terms and Acknowledgments

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Target Market Determination

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