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The Fixed Income Fund provides investors with a secure and structured investment opportunity, focusing on capital preservation and regular income.

Gleneagle Investment Trust ARSN 605 489 094 with a class known as the “Fixed Income Fund” provides investors with access to institutional grade investments not available to the retail market, using specialised techniques generally only available to institutional grade fixed income managers.

Why Fixed Income

The Fund’s point of difference is the variety of return sources it uses to deliver its investment objective. It seeks to protect investors against inflation risk by using specialised techniques, which enable the hedging of inflation. The fund also utilises the skill set of the manager, Fortlake Asset Management, to run overlay, arbitrage and offer short-term credit strategies.
6% p.a

Targeted Distribution
of Income to Investors*

Income Distribution Each Month Since Inception^

Positive Months Since Fund Inception

Portfolio of Investment Grade Bonds

Average Credit Rating


Number of Exposures

Portfolio Manager

Dr. Christian Baylis is a highly regarded Australian-based manager with broad experience across global fixed income and derivatives strategies, having worked previously at UBS Asset Management and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

Top Performer

Preqin, the leading provider of analytical data to alternative asset professionals, named Christian as having the top performing Fixed Income Strategy, and number two overall within the Asia-Pacific Credit Hedge Fund category in its H1 2021 Honour Roll.

Preqin is the foremost provider of data, analysis, and insights to the alternatives industry. The company has pioneered rigorous methods of collecting private data for almost 20 years so that 110,000+ global professionals are streamlining how they raise capital, source deals and investments, understand performance, and stay informed.

Investment Managers

Fortlake Asset Management - Liquidity Manager
Liquidity Manager

The Liquidity Manager provides the investment strategy, organisational capacity and expertise for managing the investments of the Fund.


Threshold Manager

The Threshold Manager seeks to obtain the Intended Return for the Fund.  This role includes providing a credit facility to the Responsible Entity.

Key Points
Investment Objective

The Fund’s objective is to deliver to investors a consistent distribution of income of 6% p.a. paid monthly after fees and expenses. Monthly returns can be reinvested.

Investment Exposure

The Fund is comprised mainly of Commonwealth Government Bonds, Semi-Government Bonds, investment grade corporate bonds at an institutional level rated BBB- or better, asset backed securities, inflation derivatives, interest rate derivatives, bank bills and Negotiable Certificates of Deposit (NCDs) issued by larger Australian banks.

There has never been a default in these type of bonds in Australia. The portfolio is spread around ~500 different exposures to minimise any risk.
Location of Assets
The fund will typically have geographical exposures in the Asia Pacific (predominantly Australia) 85-100%, North America 0-7.5% and UK/EMEA 0-7.5%
Minimum Investment
$50,000 (no maximum)
Withdrawals are processed at the end of each month with funds available by the 10th business day of the following month.
Fees and Costs

Management Fee and costs: 2.2% p.a. (0.183% per month).

Transaction costs: 0.15% p.a. (.0125% per month).

If the Return is not sufficient to allow for the payment of all fees and costs, the fees will be waived or reduced.

Fee Explanation
The Intended Return of the Fund to the investor is 6% p.a which means that the Fund will pay a distribution of 0.50% each month (6% divided by 12). The fees and costs are deducted out of the excess returns above the Intended Return. If the fund does not earn at least 2.35% p.a. above the intended 6% p.a. return, then all fees and costs will be waived or reduced such that the investor continues to receive the intended return each month. If the Fund earns more than the Intended Return plus fees, the excess amount will be held in reserve so that the fund can continue to pay the intended 6% p.a. return even if the fund earns less than the Intended Return.
Responsible Entity
Gleneagle Asset Management Ltd AFSL 226199 is the responsible entity, part of Gleneagle Group. Operating under three distinct AFSL’s, the Gleneagle group comprises Gleneagle Asset Management AFSL 221699, Gleneagle Securities AFSL 337985 and Global Prime AFSL 385620.

Reponsible Entity

Gleneagle Asset Management Ltd. ACN 103 162 278  AFSL 226199  Level 27, 25 Bligh St Sydney NSW 2000

Threshold Manager & Custodian

Gleneagle Securities (Aust) Pty Ltd. ACN 136 930 526 AFSL 337985 Level 27, 25 Bligh St Sydney NSW 2000

Liquidity Manager

Fortlake Asset Management Pty Ltd.  ACN 643 640 939 CAR 1283388 AFSL 226199 Level 5, 66 Clarence St Sydney NSW 2000

Prime Broker & Custodian

J.P Morgan Securities LLC.  ABN  37 109 293 610 277 Park Avenue New York NY 10172


Apex Fund Services (Australia) Pty Ltd. ACN 149 408 702  Level 13, 459 Little Collins St Melbourne VIC 3000


LNP Audit and Assurance Pty Ltd. ACN 155 188 837  Level 14, 309 Kent St Sydney NSW 2000

Q&A With Fund Manager, Dr. Christian Baylis

Christian explores the top 4 investor questions about the Fixed Income Fund.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Please read and consider the following documents before deciding whether this investment product is right for you.

Simply complete an online application and supply your supporting documents.

Applications are usually processed same business day.

All applicants must be over 18 years old.

Once your application is approved, you will be emailed funding details. You may transfer funds to your account via:

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To ensure prompt allocation, please ensure you send us a receipt of transfer.

Yes. You can elect to either re-invest your monthly interest or have it paid to your nominated bank account.

Units are allocated on the 1st of each month. Funds must be received by the 25th, to ensure allocation on the 1st of the following month.

Investment Documentation

Please read and consider the following documents before deciding whether this investment product is right for you.

Supplementary PDS

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Terms and Acknowledgments

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Target Market Determination

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This Product is Delivered by Gleneagle

Gleneagle is a Private Investment Bank, connecting individual investors to institutional resources.

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Leverage Gleneagle’s relationships and buying power to gain access to the same investment vehicles used for their own bank capital.

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Each deal is subject to extensive credit assessment, compliance, and underwriting conditions. Each year, only a select few meet Gleneagle's strict criteria.

Aligned Interests

All deals we facilitate and put forward to you are coinvested by Gleneagle, ensuring our interests are always aligned with yours.


Funds Under Management & Advice

Team Members
56,000 +
& Counting
≈ $ 4B +
Statistics relative to Gleneagle Securities (Aust) Pty Limited and its wholly owned subsidiaries

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