Market Update – July ’22

Australian Managed Funds Market Update July

Economy – Engineered Serendipity As widely expected, the RBA lifted the cash rate 50bps to 1.85 per cent at the August meeting. Going forward, our preference is for 40bps in September, albeit the RBA to date has preferred normalised numbers such as 25bp/50bp increments. This would signal a gradual slowing from the 50bp quantum and […]

Market Update – June ’22

Fixed Income Managed Fund Insights

Economy – The Communication We Had to Have Markets and the economy are now at highly disconnected levels. Economic data appears set to keel over and substantially moderate to those levels being borne out in market pricing across many verticals, from credit to inflation. For example, US and Australian 5yr forward 5yr Breakeven Inflation (BEI) […]

Market Update – May ’22

Sophisticated Investing in Australia

Economy – The Cleanest Dirty Shirt Central bankers  are now faced with a policy choice of the cleanest dirty shirt, having put themselves   well behind real outcomes experienced in the economy. The likelihood of policy error is now very high, having missed the start of the current expansion by some margin. The best policy options […]

Unicorn Fund

Emerging Unicorn Fund

Emerging Unicorn Fund Access Offer Documents A venture-backed company receives unicorn status once it receives an equivalent of a 1 billion USD valuation. The Emerging Unicorn Fund has been established to facilitate you in acquiring early-entry to listed or unlisted, major growth opportunities. The fund provides exposure to the emerging unicorn companies that Gleneagle are […]

Equity Fund

The Equity Fund - Managed Fund

Equity Fund Apply Now The fund uses a unique combination of technical, fundamental, and qualitative analysis to identify market and industry thematics. The Gleneagle Investment Trust ARSN 605 489 094 with the Class known as the “Equity Fund” adopts five key strategies; Equity Growth, Equity Momentum, High Yield, Global Macro and Long/Short. Equity Fund Overview […]

Fixed Income Fund

Fixed Income Fund Apply Now The Fixed Income Fund provides investors with a secure and structured investment opportunity, focusing on capital preservation and regular income. Gleneagle Investment Trust ARSN 605 489 094 with a class known as the “Fixed Income Fund” provides investors with access to institutional grade investments not available to the retail market, […]

Market Update – April ’22

Economy – Last drinks in the mother of all happy hours Fiscal and monetary largesse, whilst necessary, was always a decision between the then and the now. A conscious choice to supplant our future requirements for a present-day emergency response. No one can fault the logic, albeit the morning after never feels great. Here we […]

Market Update – March ’22

Markets – Russian Roulette Bonds over the month extended the losses of prior months, one of the worst starts to the year on record. The beginning of March saw European high yield spreads widen out 100bps over 5 days as the Russian-Ukraine crisis unfolded. In the US, Higher yields, inverting yield curves and spread pressure […]

Market Update – February ’22

Markets February began with calls for the Federal Reserve to move aggressively to curb inflation risk. Market pricing at the beginning of the month was implying a 50 basis point (bp) increase for the March FOMC meeting, however by end of month pricing had settled to be more in line with a 25bp increase. As […]