Wholesale (Sophisticated investors)
It Takes Money to Make Money!

As investors, we all know the age-old saying that it takes money to make money!


Fortunately, if you qualify as a Wholesale Investor ( a Sophisticated Investor) Australian Managed Funds opens the doors to many wholesale and institutional investment opportunities that are not readily available to the everyday retail investor.

If you believe that you qualify as a Wholesale Investor (Sophisticated Investor), then the Australian Managed Funds team will provide you with exclusive wholesale investment opportunities that are traditionally only available through corporate institutions and this platform.

To qualify as a wholesale investor (sophisticated Investor) you must meet one of the following investment criteria.

Do You Qualify

In order to invest in wholesale investments, you need to qualify by one of these means:

Asset Control

Asset Control
Have assets of over 2.5 million or have a gross income of over $250,000 P.A over the last 2 years

Gross Assets

Gross Assets
You have at least $10,000,000 held by you to in a trust controlled by you.

Invest $500,000 +

Invest $500,000 +
You intend to invest more than $500,000

Professional Investor

Professional Investor
You hold professional qualifications or can professionally support that you are qualified to manage your own funds.

Wholesale Investor Criteria (Sophisticated Investors)

Asset Control

You have net assets of AUD$2.5million or You have a gross income of the last 2 financial years of at least AUD$250,000 per annum

Gross Assets

You have at least $10 million AUD dollars (including any assets held by an associate or under a trust that you directly manage

Invest $500,000 +

You intend to invest more than $500,000 Australian Dollars in a single investment that is offered though a wholesale investment product.

Professional Investor

You are or represent a company that holds professional qualifications or proven experience.
Benefits Of Being A Wholesale Investor

Being a wholesale investor give you access to a wide range of investment opportunities including:

  • Capital Raising
  • First Offers
  • Wholesale Opportunities
  • Institutional Offerings
  • 1st Mortgage Opportunities
  • Placement Offers
  • Research Repotys
  • Private Equity
  • Market Updates
  • Trading Recommendations

Wholesale Investor Statistics

Below are some of our wholesale (sophisticator Investor) statistics.

Average Age Of Investor
Average Investment Amount
Average Investment Period (Years)

Average Age

Average Investmrnt

Ave 2 year Investment Period

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